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  Who We Are

HARP Engineering is a provider of nanoscale materials and offers consulting and research development services to a number of industries. Our focus is on engineering material systems using morphology control at the nanoscale to obtain unprecedented material properties.

  What We Do
  Research and Development

HARP Engineering is a technology development company and our major focus is the development of new materials and systems. We specialize in the synthesize of high aspect ratio nanomaterials including graphene and a range of ceramic nanowires. Our current development efforts focus on:

Low cost piezoelectric energy harvesting systems for low power wireless electronics.

Fiber reinforced composite materials with textured nanoscale reinforcement.

In addition to our research efforts, HARP Engineering manufactures high quality single layer reduced graphene, single layer graphene oxide (GO) and single crystal nanowires. We are continuously developing new processes and adding to our current capabilities and would be glad to discuss your specific requirements.

  HARP Engineering offers its expertise to assist in solving any challenging problems that may be hindering your performance. We specialize in consulting on advanced materials, energy harvesting, vibration analysis and testing and composite materials

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  Our single layer graphene is highly conductive with greater than 80% carbon-carbon bonds while maintaining its single layer structure. A specialized reduction process is used allowing conductive polymers, inks, transparent thin films and other materials to be produced. This is not a nanoplatelet but truly conductive single layer graphene.  
  Single layer graphene oxide is highly soluble in water and many other organic solvents making its incorporation into polymers, inks and other materials very easy. This material is not a platelet but true single layers of graphene oxide.  
  ZnO nanowires are wide band gap semiconductors with piezoelectric properties. This material possess many unique properties. Our nanowires have a nominal diameter of 40nm and a length of 300nm although a specific size can be produced.  
  Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) is a piezoelectric material with very high electromechanical coupling. The nanowire form has been shown to possess many desirable properties for increased coupling and dielectric in nanocomposites  
  Our Titanium Oxide nanowires are extremely high aspect ratio and have a yield greater than 95%.  
  Lead Titanate (PTO) is a piezoelectric and dielectric material that can be used in many applications.  






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